Day 9 :: ISTP the Crafter & ESTP the Promoter



I realized that I might not have done the best job in describing the Artisan's Tactical Intelligence.  Each of the Four Personality Types have a specific intelligence.  Tactical Intellect "is the art of making moves to better one's position in the here and now" (Keirsey).  This is seen operating on the battlefield, manipulating food in on a cutting board or skillet, and flying in rough weather as a pilot.  And whether you're an ISTP, ESTP, ISFP, or ESFP, you all utilize tactical intellect above stragetics (NT), logistics (SJ) & diplomatics (NF).

There are two Artisan (SP) Tactical Roles; Operator & Entertainer.  The Crafter (ISTP) & the Promoter (ESTP) are Operators. Operators are interested in "acting expediently" by using whatever instrument or mechanism to "advance their current enterprise or project" (Keirsey).  Expedient is to go about the project or situation with the quickest way to accomplish said task with almost no possibility of failure.  Operators are the Tough-minded and Thinking types and very adaptable.  With their "T," they are direct in telling others where they want to go & how they need to get there.  They are also not shy about telling others what to do.  This is displayed as by the expressive Promoter or reserved Crafter.

The Promoter: ESTP

ESTP the Promoter: E for Extroverted, S for Sensing, T for Thinking, P for Perceiving                       Promoting their agenda by winning others to it.  They are masters of persuading or building a confidence in you to join their side.  ESTPs are gifted at sales, enterprenual adventures, & maneuvering people for them to go where they want them to go.  It's no wonder they are great orators, successful business people, or commanders in chief.  While their ISTP counterparts can wield instruments for their outcome, ESTPs wield people.  This can turn sour for them if it turns into using for their good & not the person's good.  

They are well-versed; thus, they are suave in their communication & engage people well.  They can read body language with the tiniest nonverbal cue.  Hence, their ability to master in sales is phenomenal.  They can make a fantastic lawyer as they weave words effortlessly & win their jury over.  Their utilitarian tool usage allows them to make deals & negotiate terms, while they do so with their concrete communication.  They are spontaneous & energetic, live in the moment & take advantage of the present.  They don't get caught up in what was past & are optimistic about tomorrow.  They don't care for too many heartfelt sympathies or conversation.  They are very generous when it is on their terms, but when it's based on commitment or obligation, they turn from it.  They are charming, outgoing, confident individuals who know where they are going and want to get there by the easiest route.  

The Crafter: ISTP

ISTP the Crafter:  I for Introverted, S for Sensing, T for Thinking, P for Perceiving                               Crafters operate machinery or instruments; as opposed to their more expressive counterpart Promoter (ESTP).  Their ability to wield tools is truly "masterful," but it is done out of "impulse" more than deliberate execution (which we might see in an NT utilitarian tool usage).  They need spontaneity when approaching life; as well as, a playfulness incorporated in their everyday.  They want to use their tools when they feel like it and not based on when the schedule says to.

Since ISTPs live off of spontaneity & play with their tools, they rub poorly against those who try to tell them how things need to be done & when.  The heirarchy of rules & regulations does not bode well with ISTPs.  In fact, they might come to a standstill or not contribute at all if teachers, parents or bosses are more "A-type" people.  ISTPs need variety in their lives and need this to play out in recreation, which is on the impulse.  It is their way to escape routine & to play can be overpowering for these Crafters.  

They are not only impulsive in their play, but fearless.  They risk themselves, despite injury.  They are daring & feel the need to be face to face with thrilling adventures.  Although they are reserved, their need for faster pace has nothing to do with their quiet nature.  They are soft-spoken, but they communication through their actions.  If you ever watched Beverly Hills 90210, then I would type cast Dylan McKay as an ISTP.  Conversation is sparse & terse, and their want to communication might be type cast as learning disability or dyslexia.  However, if you give them tools, you soon realize their ability to communicate with their hands.  

ISTPs can easily be labeled as "ADD," "ADHD," or "hyperactive," because they won't sit still, don't follow directions.  This leads to be subscribed narcotics to have them "settle down."  Yet, these reserved, playful, Crafters are merely not interested in the ho-hum of regimented school.  They know that the learning received within the education system is not going to be them.  They might be seen as the misfits, loners, or rejects, but they are simply needing a way to use their talents of tools.  They tend to teach themselves how to advance, because most often, not many teachers teach them this.  They are skilled with eye & hand coordination.  

They are hard to get to know, but extremely loyal & would generously give of their time, resources for family or friend.  However, with their loner tendencies, they also cannot always be relied upon with commitment or schedules.  Because if something else comes up, then their impulse must follow through.  The same is seen within family.  They are generous & giving to their mate & children, but they also need to do spur of the moment.  Trying to keep an ISTP on a tight lease would not bode well.  


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What are your thoughts on these two types? After reading the descriptions, do you know someone who fits the bill? If so, are you able to understand them more clearly & appreciate who they are?