31 Days of Myers-Briggs :: Day 8 The Artisans (SP)


I'm feeling a bit better right now, but still a bit blah.  That said, I hope to do my best to write about Artisans.  As an Idealist, there are certain characteristics of the Artisan (SP), which are quite opposite from mine own.  In fact, Idealists & Artisans are opposites of one another.  

I would use the phrase, "Carpe Diem," to describe Artisans.  They live in the here & now, which allows them to live life to the fullest.  Artisans aren't content with simply sitting in the bleachers, or audience; rather, they need to experience life by playing in the game or being on the stage.  They use their tools in utilitarian means like their NT counterparts; however, NTs use tools for a means to an end, while SPs use tools to perfect to get what they want & then move on.  It would be easy to think they might appear a bit ADD, but I don't think that's necessarily true. 

They live by their experiences & learn based on their experiences.  This can fail SPs, because they don't always learn from their bad experiences.  It's no wonder that many Artisans experiment with drugs, alcohol, sex & dangerous activities.  They need to see life for themselves, not because someone told them they should follow rules (like SJs), or of ethical concerns (like NFs), or laws of logic & deduction (like NTs); rather, they have such great self-confidence in their adaptability.  It's what makes many of the greatest orators, sales persons, artists & performers Artisans (more of the extroverted).  

They see their self-image not only being adaptability, but also their artistry & audacity.  Artisans can become flustered or embarrassed when they fumble, perform awkwardly, or move without grace & fluidity.  This is because they place a great deal of who they are in their ability to perfect a specific task & do it well.  They prize being able to perform artistically with such precision.  It's not about how many times they have to take a swing at it, but how then this translates once they have perfected it.  They push themselves to perfect their artistry; whether, it be welding, dancing, public speaking, or landing a sales.  

Their audacity to be bold & daring is just as important.  They are risk-takers above all other types.  This audacity pairs with the physcial not only in athletics, but in construction, pilots, auto mechanics, etc.  Here are some other characteristics common for Artisans:


  • Playful Mates, 
  • Being Excited (this is true for introverted & extroverted SPs, just different focus)
  • Seek Stimulation
  • Prize Generosity
  • Trust their Impulses (even if they're wrong)
  • Yearn for Impact (that their presence is needed)
  • Aspire to be Virtuosos (in whatever they are skilled in) 
  • Their Intelligence is strongest in Tactical
  • Four Artisan Types with two sub-categories (Operator & Entertainer)



Are you an SP? Do you know of someone who fits these general descriptions? Can you see their strengths & contributions they make to the other three types? Tomorrow I will write on the Operator Artisans, which are the ISTP (Crafter) & ESTP (Promoter).