31 Days of Myers-Briggs :: Day 4 Intro to the Four Types


Okay, so we've looked at what these letters mean on Day 2.  And with the plethora of information swimming through my brain, my very logical & sequential "SJ" husband confirmed that I should dive into a brief synopsis of the four types.  I think he's onto something.  

Isabel Myers defined sixteen personality types through her study of people.  However, she found four overarching types among the sixteen.  Here are the four types:

SP known as Artisans, SJ known as GuardiansNF known as IdealistsNT known as Rationals 

SP (Artisans) are sensation seeking personality types & classified as Tactical Intelligence.  Tactical, because they want to experience all of life & very sensory oriented.  Their "P" allows them to survey their environment for opportunities to engage or act upon.  The variants are if they are T (tough-minded or thinking), or F (friendly or feeling), and I (Introvert) or E (Extrovert), but among the four types, they all make sure what they do is practical & effective in getting what they want.  Artisans (SPs) are described as "adaptable," "athletic," "gifted or skilled with machines," "craftsmen/women," & want to "experience life first hand."  

SJ (Guardians) are similar to Artisans in the way they are astute in making observations of their world around them (the common S between the two), but SJs use it for an entirely different reason.  SJs use their keen observations by keeping order of things within their environment.  They are gifted in the realms of bringing order to broken or malfunctioning systems.  This makes sense for their primary intelligence being Logistical. They are Security Seeking, which lends itself well to many SJs being financially savvy with their detailed eye on keeping account of monies.  They are described as "dependable," "hard-working," "practical," & "detailed."

NF (Idealists) are the Self-Seeking of the Personality types & Diplomatic Intelligence is their strongest.  NFs would be the most likely to enjoy MBTI (hence why I'm doing this), because they prize knowing themselves above all else, in order to best bring about change.  Conflict can be debilatating for NFs, because they seek harmony in relationships.  When their is conflict or discord, NFs can take so much of the pain on themselves, because they "feel so deeply."  They hold high morales & believe in definite good & evil.  Whether they are I (introvert) or E (extrovert), or J (judging) or P (perceiving), what ties them together is their regard for harmony & right working relationships within family, friends & work.  Words that describe NFs are "enthusiastic," "insightful," "subjective," "creative," & "humane."  

NT (Rationals) main intelligence is Strategic in nature.  With their T (tough-mindedness or thinking) ability, they all share the commonality of seeking some form of technology in a rational form.  This could be in the literal sense of technology; as well as, in their form of using tools (i.e. writing, research, teacher).  They are described as "analytical," "systematic," "inventive," "curious," "research-oriented," "competant," & "independent."  


Based on this small descriptions of the Four Temperaments, which one speaks more true to you?  I will be going into broader detail of each type; as well as, what makes each of these types unique.  Tomorrow I will be writing about how the use of tools & communications singles out each of the Four Temperaments.  


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