31 Days of Myers-Briggs :: Day 3 Nature versus Nurture in Personalities



Day 1: Introduction to 31 Days

Day 2: What the Letters Mean

For my analysis, I am relying mainly on the Keirsey Temperament, which builds off of Isabel Myers Briggs research on personality pyschology.  However, while Myers based her research off of Jungian influence (19th century), Keirsey is influenced by 20th century pyschologists (organismic pyschology).  Myers & Jung use more of a nurture basis on personality, which believes that personalities are more fluid.  While Keirsey sees personality as a nature influence, which means every person is born with a certain personality & that one personality is it.  They evolve into the personality assessment & do not change at the core.  

I am influenced by Keirsey & his assessment on the nature bent towards personality psychology.  For instance, we are all hardwired by a creative God to be a certain way.  However, (as with Jung & Myers) our nurturing environment can change & alter us.  Although our environment can alter our personality to a degree (or two or three), deep in our core, the altered version isn't really who we are.  

Thus, I find it essential in asking people what they were like as children.  When we realize who we were as children (children in their innocence & non-jaded influence), we are more apt at seeing our true self.  Granted, it is a very immature self, but it is a better picture.  

For example, both my parents are "P's (Perceiving)" & not "Js (Judging)" in the way they organize their world.  However, I am a "J."  I am a slightly moderate "J," but definitely not solid in it.  In my nurturing environment, I was given more of the "P" organization model (which isn't bad); hence, my innate "J" wasn't as developed later on in life.  I know of people who grew up in predominately 'extroverted families & felt the need to become the same.  It wasn't until later on life that they realized being 'introverted' was who they had always been & it was okay to be that.  

In conclusion (I feel like I'm writing a collegiate paper), I am writing from the approach that we only have one personality profile.  Our personality doesn't change.  There are mature & immature personality models, because a mature ENFJ has learned how to use their weakest function (T for thinking), while an immature ENFJ has not.  Nurture does affect us & our personality; but, I would argue that we are uniquely designed (nature) with one personality that changes through the maturity of living & seeking to grow as individuals. I will be writing in this vein throughout the 31 days & hope to help you discover your unique design. 


Do you agree or disagree?  When you reflect on your five to seven year old self, do you see it reflecting what you think is your personality profile?  Thoughts?