New Mercies


Just when I didn't know if the fog would lift, especially with the loom of six months worth of rain, this morning being awoken to sunshine is dew on the grass.  His mercies are new every morning.  When living in Bellingham, one must never forget two things.  One is never miss ingesting Vitamin D daily.  Second, when sun pours out, soak it up & give thanks.


Yesterday brought about depression & a week straight of tears.  Today was the first day without tears.  Could it be that I get to leave for five days without the "mommy" badge adhered to my clothes? Very possible. Yet, as I was cooking up sweet potatoes, Ben on eggs, & two little girls washing down the steamed milk on this crisp Fall morning, a little glimmer emerged.  My heart was reminded of all I had to be thankful about in this little nest I call my own.  


  1. I have a husband who is my friend, my partner, my companion, my love.
  2. V as she recites her Grandpa story of Kenny the mouse coming to visit while she makes homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  3. Tay & her ability to see that dresses are not an option, but a must.
  4. Tay pointing to the cross in the service & saying, "Mama, it's the cross. Jesus died on the cross for the kingdom one. I'm a princess in the kingdom."
  5. Me nodding with reply, "Yes Tay, you are & will be a princess in Jesus' kingdom."
  6. Morning americano made by Ben.
  7. New haircuts.
  8. Sewing a cow costume hat for V, even though it's a bit shabby, she will accept it with such joy.
  9. Little girls thanking their daddy for taking them to the park.
  10. Tay helping spread the sun butter on the every last corner.
  11. Being the storyteller to little people.