31 Days of Myers-Briggs :: Day 2 What Myers-Briggs Letters Mean

Tay making sense of her MBTI letters through art

Here is the breakdown of Myers-Briggs & Keirsey Temperament. 

I = Introvert        or          E= Extrovert

S= Sensing          or          N= I(n)tuition

T= Thinking         or          F= Feeling

P= Perceiving       or          J= Judging


I & E represent whether a person is an external or internal processor & how they gain energy by being with people or by themselves.  

S & N represent how a person communicates & receives information.  Sensing is a concrete communicator & learning through their experiences.  They are more practical & tangible of what is, not necessarily of what can be.  Intuition persons are abstract communicators & think by what could be.  They are looking at the bigger picture more than what is right in front of them.  

T & F represent how a person responds to their environment.  Thinking persons tend to be more objective in their approach to decision making.  They don't factor in how others would feel necessarily.  Feeling persons tend to be more subjective in their approach to decision making.  They would factor in the feelings of all peoples involved.

P & J represent how a person orders their world.  Perceiving persons perceive of the open possibilities.  They tend to leave their calendars open & less nailed down dates.  They need more spontaneity & actually thrive on a bit more unpredictability.  Judging persons judge on keeping order.  They tend to like dates nailed down, begin planning & doing before deadlines & thrive more on predictability & structure.  


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