Relevant '11 Giveaway & Top Ten List



I interrupt this scheduled program of figuring out ISTP & ENTJ for a breather into the world of a conference I will be flying across the country in just 15 days.  That's right, doesn't 11 hours of travel sound blissful to a SAHM? And although I will miss my little family, I know for sure that I will soak up this time for myself.  

I'm joining in on the link-up at Brooke's blog, where we let our Relevant roomie know the Top 10 things they should know about us.  

I also wanted to do a little giveaway for ladies attending Relevant '11 & thought this would be an easy one to incorporate.  


What My Relevant Roomies Should Know About Me?

  1. I don't require much time to get ready.  Translates into low maintenance.  
  2. I tend to stay up a little later than I should; as a result, I don't wake up on the bright side of the bed.
  3. I can make a mean Mexican laugh.
  4. I will most likely be trying to figure out your Myers-Briggs to best understand you.
  5. I'm a foodie. I absolutely love food & I'm not one of those girls who is shy about enjoying this blessed of gifts.
  6. I'm a very inquisitive person & a people watcher.
  7. I feel deeply, I care deeply & think deeply--tis blessing & curse.
  8. I love Farmer's Markets & Joe's Garden.
  9. I have a knack for storytelling, but I'm horrible at delivering the punch line of a joke.
  10. I believe true hospitality is the answer to the world's problems (blessing to the nation).


The Giveaway!

I am coming from Washington.  Something indicative of the Pacific Northwest is it's an artisan capital (I'm not speaking of Myers-Briggs); rather, it's a collection of people who have a skill & do it well.  We have our seamstresses, farmers, chocolatier, chefs, painters, bread makers, coffee roasters, wineries, brewers, etc.  It's the land of micro brews, best coffee to come by picking up of citrus, blueberries in a cup of joe, & the nature enthusiast.  

And what better giveaway then giving you a slice of my little corner in Bellingham, WA, where the community communes at Railroad on Saturday morning to for the Farmer's Market, hikes in the morning at Mt. Baker & takes a walk on the water in the evening.  It is truly my favorite of all places & I think Eden must have been like it.  

You have a chance of winning one of two items...

 1. My favorite local coffee from Bellingham Bay Roasters Company.  I drink it either Americano style or pour over method.  My favorite one is Peru with it's lemony notes & subtle after tones.  Latin American soil & drying methods are different from African soil & methods.  This Peru coffee is indicative of smooth body, medium blend having more of the citrusy notes & a bit of chocolate.  And they sell their coffee in a reusable tin. You could win this!


 2. My favorite local chocolate is from Chocolate Necessities.  They have beautifully decorated, handcrafted truffles that I love.  There Grand Marnier, or Marzipan, or chocolate caramel.  It's just ethereal & I know chocolate will be at the great feasting table.  



To win, leave a comment & tell me about you & answering this question:

1. What do you find the essential ingredients when you bring to the table? Who you are or anything else you want to add.  

Closes October 25th at midnight PST.  Winner announced on October 26th.