Day 15 :: The Idealists (NFs)



Idealists are Intuitive Feeling types.  They are the rare breed who believes in justice & a higher power beyond themselves, in order to bring hope & change into the world.  Their name Idealists is exactly how they believe, in bringing hopeful ideals to society.  With their ideals & convictions, they can be dogmatic; but, not dogmatic toward bigotry or narrow-mindedness.  Dogmatism meaning that they are devoted to a way of living, or intention of inviting others to join their way of life.  It's also important to note that "dogma" & "doctrine" & "doctor" have the same root word, which is to "teach" or "cause to accept."

On Using Tools & Words

Idealists Word Usage: They communicate using abstract ideas, love & hate, heaven & hell, heart & soul, beliefs, fantasies, symbols.   They opt for imagination over what is observable.  They are inductive in their speech, which means they can move very quickly from a few particulars to sweeping generalizations.  With their ability to see the unseen or not yet, they can extract an intuitive sense of what will be.  They have an inkling of a mere suggestion of something, which is known as an "intuitive leap," which astonishes others.  

I know as an Idealist myself, I can sense what will be, or see the missing pieces within relationships, or have this "feeling" that something is just not right.  Ben can be a bit freaked by it, but he's gotten use to it.  I find many Idealists (myself included) will ponder all of life. They want to find life's great significance & ponder on those hidden wonders.  It's easy for the SP & SJ to get a little lost in communicating with these rather imaginative, all pondering, abstract Idealists.  

They also tend to over exaggerate in their speech, using metaphors & hyperbole.  Tend to be a bit dramatic.  However, it's not drama for drama sake, but because Idealists truly feel deeply & the expressive Idealists communicate this "big" feeling towards others.  

Idealists Tool Usage: Idealists are like the Guardians (SJ) in using tools cooperatively.  However, Guardians use tools, in order to make society to function properly.  Idealists cooperative tool usage is more about creating harmony within society.  So when they abide by the laws of the land, they do so, in order to find commonality among the wider community.  How can we use tools to help bring people together is the question posed by these diplomatic Idealists?  

They would never put tools above how someone feels, or how it would make them feel; whereas, the NTs & SPs utilitarian usage of tools can easily override people for the sake of creating or inventing.  It's not that NFs are opposed to finding the best means/efficiency to get a job done; as long as human relationships are kept in tact & working to foster care.  


More on these Idealists:  

They value harmonious relationships.  They don't life conflict as a result.  However, they have a deep seated need for right & good to overcome wrong & evil.  They will break in & voice this, even if it means conflict will arise, because it's as if their gut is burning with goodness that won't shut up.  It's the saying, "the truth shall set you free." I'm reminded of the prophet Elijah who needed to speak against injustice when he saw it, because it was anti-God & anti-Kingdom.  Yet, I'm certain he didn't always want to follow through.  

They have a Diplomatic Intellect.  Their intellect is being able to communicate & help others with a diplomacy unlike that of the other three types.  They are skillful & tactful when dealing with people.  Their intuitive feeling allows them to feel the situation & proceed.  They can understand without words necessarily being spoken & how to proceed.  We look at Ghandi & his great diplomatic skills of winning a war with the British by using his harmonious & diplomatic intellect.  Idealists are most likely drawn towards diplomacy, because disturbances in relational matters truly "disturbs" them.  

The Diplomatic Role Variants are:


  • Mentors: The Teacher (ENFJ) & The Counselor (INFJ)
  • Advocates: The Champion (ENFP) & The Healer (INFP)



Other Notes on the Idealists:


  • They have a strong morale compass.
  • Interpersonal communication & personnel is of strong importance in the workfield.
  • They pair well with NTs the best, because they both communicate abstractly.
  • They pair secondly well with SJs, because they both hold morals so high.
  • They are opposites of the SPs.
  • Their self-image is based on being 1. Empathetic 2. Benevolent 3. Authentic
  • Empathy is different from sympathy & with Idealists there is a huge difference.  
  • They are the most sensitive of all the types.
  • They feel very deeply with an intensity unlike most.
  • They believe in being authentic & dislike pretenses or facades in relationships.  Small talk doesn't suit them well.
  • Idealist Values: 1. Being Enthusiastic 2. Trusting Intuition 3. Yearning Romance 4. Seeking Identity 5. Prizing Recognition 6. Aspiring Sage
  • With seeking identity, it is the Idealists who might be most interested in Myers-Briggs & personality tests, because they want to know themselves.  



I am almost half way done. Here's the agenda for the next nine days:

Sunday: ENFJ & INFJ

Monday: ENFP & INFP

Tuesday: The Rationals (NTs)

Wednesday: ENTJ & INTJ

Thursday: ENTP & INTP

Friday: SP Children & Parenting them

Saturday: SJ Children & Parenting them

Monday: NF Children & Parenting them

Tuesday: NT Children & Parenting them