Day 14 :: ISFJ the Protector & ESFJ the Provider


Well folks, almost half way through.  I have no idea who is actually keeping up with all of this, but I will continue to run the race set out for me & fight to the end.  With that in mind, leave a comment on what you think of this series.  I want your input, ideas, insight or suggestions on continuing on.  Is there something I'm doing well? Is there something I could do more of? Introduce yourself (I'm such an ENFJ--Idealists begin tomorrow).


These "feelers" of the Guardians, are considered to be the Conservator group within the Logistical Intellect.  

Logistical "expressive" Conservator (i.e. The Provider ESFJ): They work to provide for others by furnishing them with all their needs.  They want to see to it that others well-being & inclusion in the group is provided by them (the ESFJ).  

Logistical "reserved" Conservator (i.e. The Protector ISFJ): They work to ensure shielding or protecting others from danger.  They want to see to it that others are sheltered & their physical safety is cared for.


The Protector (ISFJ)

These Protectors tend to not get enough credit for the tireless work of details for others.  Their genuine care for people can be missed, because ISFJs appear to be rather cold or removed from individuals who don't know them well.  Yet, there is nothing further from the truth.  They simply have a hard time expressing themselves towards others.  However, if you get them with close friends or family, they can chat endlessly & allow for themselves to be free with themselves.  They are sympathetic, warm-hearted & give happily of themselves to others.  

They are exceptionally good at keeping watch for others.  They want to protect others safety & well-being.  They take great satisfaction in caring for others.  Their care taking is done gently & helpfully with bringing such comfort behind the scenes.  Their work is done above & beyond, rarely stopping for a break.  They remind me of the people who couldn't walk by trash on the floor & not help but pick it up.  They will give of themselves through work, by putting in hours upon hours doing all the thankless jobs if it means providing for others.  

As a result of being overworked, they are often misunderstood & undervalued, which can cause them to harbor bitterness for all these thankless jobs.  They will bottle this up, causing them undeserved suffering.

They are quite modest, conservative & traditional in their outlook on life.  And extremely humble beings.  They are very dependable, trustworthy & punctual.  They want to abide by the rules & ensure others do the same.  When ISFJs see superiors or others not abiding by the rules, or procedures, they get eaten up by the double standard.  In part, because they put such high regulations on themselves, like a code of ethics they can't evade.  The other is that they avoid confrontation & do not display all of what's truly inside, because it stresses them out.  This frustration is displayed in chronic stomach disorders and fatigue.

They are devoted to family, spouse & children, as well.  And I think ISFJs are some phenomenal people.  Of course, I'm bias due to Ben & my lovely mother-in-law being ISFJs.  


The Provider (ESFJ)

Keirsey describes the Provider as, "Providing is the act of furnishing others with the necessities of life...& seem eager to serve others, making sure they feel well-supplied with provisions and a part of the group."  ESFJs are the most sociable of all the Guardians.  They seem to know everyone & everyone seems to know them.  They are great at throwing parties, knowing people by name after meeting once, & host/hostesses.  They give happily of themselves, in order to ensure others are provided for as a result.  They are dependable, loyal & traditional.  

I think of ESFJs as cheerleaders.  They are encouraging & supportive.  They lead teams well with their gung-ho spirit.  They are the natural master of ceremonies & create wholesome work environments.  They are wonderful chairpersons maintaining team spirit.  Their natural talkative self leads to meeting people wherever they go, i.e. grocery lines, elevators, etc.  They can chat endlessly & converse with just about anyone.  They make people feel at ease with the ability to converse from one concrete topic to the next.  They also tend to know all the news, and have a "delightful fascination with gossip."  They are sure to be the town source of all the news & happenings.  

Although very chatty, they don't enjoy discussing abstract notions or ideas.  The ponderings on what is not observable.  They enjoy discussing events & people's problems, but when conversation turns toward abstract issues their interest dispels compared to the Idealist & Rational.  

Social traditions matter to them & conversations often become nostalgic & reminisce of old times.  They are highly sensitive, even though their big personality might appear to communicate otherwise.  That said, they aren't reluctant to expressing their emotions.  They are quick to like or dislike, putting their likes upon a pedestal.  They take seriously the opinions of others & can be easily crushed by personal criticism.  They can function after personally criticized if they feel they're appreciated & valued for the service they give to others.  They need recognition for their energy they give.  It only seems fitting as they are natural encouragers, they want the same in return.  If they are treated poorly, they beat themselves up for the wrong.  

They take their role as Providers very seriously.  Provider parents place a lot of their identity or worth in how well they provide for their children.  If their children are well-behaved & abiding, then they take that as reflections of them doing their job.  Their children's successes & failures are reflections of the Provider.  They are loyal spouse or partners.  They take pride in giving the best for their family & friends.  They want decisions made quickly & their family life lived regularly scheduled.  They thrive in routine operations.  They are devoted & the most sympathetic of all the types.  **and I have a feeling my little Tay fits in this category, same as her Grandpa & Auntie Mimi, but time will tell.


Tomorrow I will be moving onto the Idealists.  But for today, give me your feedback thus far.  What do you see of the values the SJs bring to community if you are not one yourself?  Are you beginning to see how with every personality type, there is quality in every type?