Day 13:: ISTJ the Inspectors & ESTJ the Supervisor

Dwight: ISTJ

After writing about the Guardians, today I get to write about the "thinking" portion of the SJ group. The Inspector (ISTJ) and the Supervisor (ESTJ). They are considered the Logistical Administrators, because they administrate the inner workings of things, systems & organizations.

Expressive Logistical Administrator: Supervisors are said to "enforce standard operating procedures" by keeping an eye on people & ensuring that everyone is doing what they need to be doing, in order to get the job done. ESTJs are better as Supervisors of personnel & procedures.

Reserved Logistical Administrator: Inspectors are not expressive in telling people what needs to get done; rather, they have a critical eye on material. This can translate into a company's books, orders, payments received, tasks completed. They look at the nitty gritty, which would make most other types get bored. ISTJs are better as Inspectors of products & accounts.

The Inspector (ISTJ)

Inspectors with their tough-minded/thinking ability & reserved introversion allows them to have an impeccable eye for detail.  They are "super dependable."  They are skilled at keeping account for products, accounts & inventories of a company.  They are one of the most reliable of peoples, especially when it comes to keeping inventory or inspecting the people or things within their jurisdiction.  

They are quiet individuals who favor simplicity over complexity.  They don't like fanciful speech, dress, or place. Their clothes are not flashy & neither are their homes.  They keep their environments neat & orderly. Traditional & classic furnishings & clothing are time tested for Inspectors.  

Although they are not outgoing like ESTJs, ISTJs are still to make sure they involve themselves in civic oriented events, community service that gives moral & traditional values to younger children.  This could be Girl or Boy Scouts, Sunday School.  

Inspectors are thorough & patient with the details of their work.  It's as if they can be more forgiving of details not matching up, set it down & come back to work on it again.  However, they are not always so patient or forgiving to individuals who don't follow rules within a system.  They might put the system over the person.  They do however, have a high regard for those individuals who follow the operating procedures & guidelines. 

I remember working with an ISTJ, and she was so gifted at scheduling, finding patterns & making kids' schedules (for 140+ children in 14 different classes with alternating schedules) work.  Along with handling teacher schedules & sick days.  However, when dealing with parents or teachers who did not follow the standard operating procedures for schedule request & time-off, there was less tolerance.  This is not to say that ISTJs lack grace or understanding.  It's when they are working so hard to meet their end of the agreement, which is typically working for a visionary (more scattered brain), they don't have continuity or set in stone steps to finish the task.  This disruption bothers them, because they see the obvious solution to get the problem done.  

They make amazing administrative assistants and would fare well in business.  They are incredibly loyal & their word is their bond.  When a contract is broken, or an institute disloyal, ISTJs get highly bothered by this.  Being incredibly gifted at managing monies & budgets, it is painful for Inspectors to see bankruptcy or debt occur; let alone to them.  In this vein, they are not risk takers, especially when it comes to money.  On top of that, other people's money.  And just as their word is their bond & their loyalty should be seen as priceless, they take this into their personal relationships.  

Of all the ISTJs I know, some are the closest friends I have, and I would describe them as faithful & loyal friends who withstand the test of time.  Their words are not fleeting or cavalier in the slightest, so when they confide in you or tell you of your worth to them, take it as gold.  They might appear cold when first meeting, due to their reserved nature.  However, upon further conversing, their practical, straight shooter temperament will tell you exactly what they think.  And, they are very sensible & quite gifted at being able to see both sides of the argument.  I value my ISTJ friends more than you know.


The Supervisors (ESTJ)

Supervisors are the expressive agents compared to the Inspectors.  And unlike the Inspectors, Supervisors apply their thinking/tough-mindedness in their ability to administrate people.  While the Inspector administrates things.  Supervisors are not shy about telling people under their authority if they have followed the rules or have not.

They are grounded in reality are not much for fantasy or experimentation.  It's no wonder their opposite is the INTP who is all about experimentation.  Supervisors are civic-minded individuals & pillars within their society.  They are highly traditional & believe in doing "because it's always been done," and they don't appreciate a person who tries to change.  They are highly involved in giving of their time & energy for the organization they believe in.  This could be church, lodges, or service clubs.  I would wager to say that my Grandpa Cox was an ESTJ with his work with the Veteran's well into his retirement.  He fought for their rights & people loved him, because he was going to say what he thought & get the job done. 

Their vocal presence & leadership is strongest.  Like I mentioned, they believe in taking part in volunteer opportunities.  In fact, they see their membership in such organizations, clubs as an integral part of who they are as individuals.  These institutions are seen as central to the higher social order, so someone who might come in to abandon them or radically change the institutions, will have ESTJs be wary of them.  And not just wary, but voice their disapproval.  

ESTJs will follow directives really well, as long as it's from higher up. It's very much about rank & those who are loyal to ESTJs, then they too will be loyal & win their graces.  As mentioned, they are quick to vocalize their approval & telling others what to do is a matter of "duty" and they do so easily.  Although they are quick to let others know what they think, they are not always responsive to others points of view or emotions with ESTJs jumping to conclusions too quickly.  Since they are not always willing to listen to others points of view, Supervisors need to practice restraint & exercise the ability to listen & remain open.  

They want to promote cooperation & contentment within relationships.  They heed authority & value giving that back to others.  They follow routines well, which allows them the skills to administrate others with such thoroughness & follow through.  Since Supervisors have a deep belief in higher authority, rules, traditions & the such, it's confusing for them to see people not following these systems.  It's kind of incomprehensible to them.  

They are earnest, industrious, fabulous follow-through.  They value in fine tuning themselves, through taking classes, seminars, reading, in order to improve self.  It's like they want to constantly be sharpened & refined, because they have such a high expectation on themselves (just like that of others).  They believe in hierarchy & believe the same is true within the family environment.  Think of this as everyone has a role & expectations to be filled.  When any member of family (or any institution) does not fulfill their role, the system can crumble.  Elders or older children are due more respect.  It's all about systems & levels within a unit of people.  

That makes them sound a bit "A" type, which some just might be.  However, they are incredibly faithful & loyal to their work, organization & family.