Day 12:: The Guardians (SJ)


My little SJ Tay & my SJ sister in law

Can I say that I have a love-hate relationship with Guardians?  Well, it's not so much hate, but a bit in awe & wonder (& slightly envious) of Guardians ability & skill set to bring order to systems.  Love, because some of the people I admire the most are these rule-abiding, logistical minded, conservators known as Guardians.  

So what do I know about these people?

  • They use tools cooperatively.
  • They use words/communication concretely.
  • They are strongest & most comfortable in Logistical Intellect.
  • They all have the S & the J in common, meaning Sensing (concrete thinkers) & Judging (prefers organized world).
  • Their self-image is based on being Dependable, Beneficient, & Respectable.
  • They value 1. Being Concerned 2. Trusting Authority 3. Yearning Belonging 4. Seeking Security 5. Prizing Gratitude 6. Aspiring Executive
  • They make wonderful administrators, caregivers, homemakers, accountants & book keepers, hostesses.
  • They are incredibly loyal & pretty traditional, frugal, conservative, & dependable.  

Guardians on using words/communication: Guardians communicate concretely, which is the same as their Artisan cousins.  They can listen politely to the NTs & NFs speak about theoretics & philosophize about the abstract world; however, when they can, they want to get the conversation to come back to the tangible topics.  Things like food & clothing, house & yard, business & trade, debts & credits.  Basically, anything that is observable, here & now, tangible.  

They can store up tons of information in their heads.  It's the facts & figures, dates, people, that SJs remember so well.  I notice this with my husband, father-in-law, and many other Guardians after they read a book.  They pull out all the details regarding dates, facts, products, concretely communicate based on these.  They are prone to avoid using fanciful words, but just cut to the chase.  And they also know so many old sayings, cliches, & adages; as well as, make use of them.   

Guardians on using tools: The way Guardians view tools is completely opposite of Artisans (SPs) & Rationals (NTs), while more similar to Idealists (NFs). SPs use of tools is done cooperatively.  They believe tools are to be used to further the well-being of society.  We don't manipulate tools or use tools to get what we want, like the SP or NT; rather, we use them to abide by rules, help others, & make sure there is order in the world as a result of properly using the tools.  

This can make the Guardians sound a bit like goodie-goodies; but, their inclination towards cooperatively using tools helps make the world run.  They have this innate sense to turn on their blinkers when no cars are in sight; basically, follow the rules, even when no one is looking.  The reason being is they trust authority & believe authority is a good thing.  I observe this in my youngest, she not only trusts my words, but easily feels guilty or solemn if she has broken my trust and/or rules.  She yearns to do right by me.  She'll ask many times a day, "Mama, are you happy with me?"  I see this little SJ in the works.  

Understanding the way Guardians use words & tools helps explain a lot when understanding them, or understanding yourself.  

Logistical Intellect: Guardians intellect is using logistics.  They are skilled at bringing order to any organization or system.  I view Guardians as systematic people.  I sit in awe of my fellow mothers who are SJs. They glide seamlessly through one task to the next as if there is nothing they can't handle.  They know how to organize efficiently.  I've heard from a many SPs, "I'm really good at organization & cleaning."  They see the details of life & know where it needs to go.  

They want to do things the way they have always been done (traditional & conservative leanings), but aren't opposed to trying something new.  It's only if the time-tested method is proven inefficient or invalid.  

Closing thoughts: Guardians want to belong.  They aren't non-conformist & prefer to avoid towing the line.  They are studious & dependable.  They are loyal individual.  Guardians are probably the hardest working people I've ever met.  They put in 110% in their work & might not feel that is enough.  It's ingrained in them, almost to the core of them, to work with the highest of integrity & ethic.  You know the kids who were picked to be the class monitor when the teacher left the room?  Probably Guardians.  

So the bigger question is how to teach my youngest to not be beat up by the kids who weren't picked (please laugh).  


Does this sound like you?  What is your take on Guardians?  If you are an SJ, is there anything else you would add?