31 Days of Myers-Briggs :: Day 1

I don't know what I'm getting myself into to be quite honest, but I think I'm going to go for it & participate in this 31 days of...with over 500 other bloggers & hosted by The Nester.  It begins today, October 1st & ends...you guessed it, October 31st.  We pick a topic.  Any topic & write on it for 31 days.  So, if you subscribe by email, then you're inbox will have a message from me everyday in October.  

Prior to finding out I was pregnant & then losing the baby, I was beginning a series on Myers-Briggs.  That got cut short, due to the plethora of emotions these past three weeks.  After talking with Ben, I gave him some of my ideas for 31 days of writing & Myers-Briggs was mentioned.  He replied, "You should do that.  Weren't you going to write on that anyway?"  

So, tomorrow I will continue on in the journey of Myers-Briggs & hope you will join me.  You can read these two posts:

Day 1: Introduction to Myers-Briggs

Day 2: Why Personality Tests are Essential

Day 3: Nature & Nurture of Personality

Day 4: Intro to the Four Types

Day 5: The Use of Tools & Communication

Day 6: Case of Double Personality (does our personality change?)

Day 7: Got Sick

Day 8: The Artisans (SPs)

Day 9: ISTP the Crafter & ESTP the Promoter

Day 10: ISFP the Composer & ESFP the Performer

Day 11: An Off Day

Day 12: The Guardians (SJs)

Day 13: ISTJ the Inspector & ESTJ the Supervisor

Day 14: ISFJ the Protector & ESFJ the Provider

Day 15: The Idealists (NFs)

Day 16: ENFJ the Teacher & INFJ the Counselor 

Day 17: ENFP the Champion & INFP the Healer

Day 18: Needing to be Still & Why I Stopped MBTI before the 31 days