What does it mean to be content?  Content in all circumstances.  I've been meditating upon this obscure reality for a while.  As I've previously mentioned, this summer has been a hard one for me.  I came down with some stomach issues, which made me think I was pregnant, but it left me with more wonder (when I found out I wasn't) about how I could be feeling so bad.  Through various processes of elimination, it came to my surprise that I was dealing with anxiety & near burn out.  It's interesting to see how much the mind & body intertwine.  I am not 100%, but what I have been trying to do is be mindful of the moment. God created me with a great imagination, but with that gift comes it's ruination as well.  If it's not kept in check, then my mind jumps ahead into the mystery of unknown (the future); thus, a downward spiral of stomach knots & a cluttered head.

Then there's contentment.  Most times within the Christian circles in talking about contentment it inevitably leads to material contentment.  That's all fine & good, but I would wager to say that Jesus is talking about something a bit larger than simply monetary means.  According to the dictionary, content as adjective is:

satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.


Living in a world where we are bombarded on what's next--being content in the moment is quite difficult.  It's being able to live everyday like it's a Friday.  I think it's ingrained in us to keep pressing through the humdrum of our jobs/life, because we are anticipating the next up & coming.  Be it a vacation, a special outing, start of a new job/end of a job, even a new show on TV.  Being content is living in this day that the Lord has made and rejoice & be glad in it.  Easier said than done, because sometimes I use various tools to help me hurry the day along (Facebook, checking my email for the 20th time in a 10 minute window), but what's happened with that lost time?  I can't ever get it back.  Maybe, just maybe we are in desperate need to be mindful as we walk through our day, even the boring/mundane parts, in order to see God's hand throughout it.


Henry Nouwen wrote,


If I cannot find God in the middle of my work--where my concerns and worries, pains, & joys are--it does not make sense to try to find Him in the hours set free at the periphery of my life.


Most of my day is arranged by taking care of two needy little girls.  We are facing more difficulties with our oldest, due to low muscle tone throughout, high possibility of SPD and possible genetic diagnosis (chromosomal stuff).  With her alone I could have my day cut out for me, but there's still another child who needs attention, discipline & care.  Then, you add in the meals, clean-up (your everyday tasks that always get done) and it's no wonder parents opt to let a TV babysit their kids.  It's been too easy to get wrapped up in the mysteries of tomorrow, which only bring more anxiety, tears & anguish.  But then I asked myself, "What do I know about V today?"  Really, that question is relevant to all areas of my life.  What do I know about today?  About the concrete, tangible, right in front of my eyes life I am living--TODAY!


Here's what I know about today. I have more blessings than I could ever have imagined had you asked me when I was growing up.  I have shelter, clean water, clean clothes on my back & my families, two amazing girls who have God's image stamped on them saying, "Worthy & Loved," a husband who tirelessly works to provide, loves deeply & completely devoted to me & our family, and I'm "worthy & loved" too--entitled to grace to continue living.

I believe contentment is so much more than being satisfied where you are at financially & materially.  What does contentment mean to you and how do you cultivate a content spirit?