Strawberry Margaritas

Nothing says summer quite like strawberries.  I keep holding back at the grocery store as they taunt me to succumb to temptation (and while my three-year old shouts, "OH MAMA---IT'S STRAWBERRIES).  But, I'm standing firm, waiting patiently for local strawberries.  And let me tell you, we bought this small little pint of strawberries a week back at the Wednesday market, which were divine.  They were everything a strawberry should be...slightly firm, sweet little jewels to be eaten solo.  The girls had theirs with lunch while I sneaked a few in my spinach, chevre salad.

I have fond memories of my dad bringing home a flat of strawberries and we would devour them.  There was one not so fond memory when I was seven years old.  Our good family friends were in town visiting, my dad had a flat of strawberries out and let it be said, "kids don't care about dirt," let alone on strawberries.  I would pick one up and kind of brush it off and take a bite.  Hit repeat...again and again.

Then, I spotted one of the big, really red strawberries at the bottom of one of the baskets, thinking I hit the mother lode.  I pulled back the green leaves and took a big bite; when all of a sudden, I felt something move in my mouth.  I still shudder thinking about it.  I spit everything out all over the carpet and scream.  Then, I see what it was and shiver saying, "EWWW!!! ACCKKK!"  My family probably thinking I was dramatizing the part no sooner started saying the same "ewww's & aaacckk's." What was in that strawberry?

An earwig.  Absolutely, positively one of the most disgusting things to be in my mouth.  However, did it stop me from eating from the flat of strawberries?  No.  What it did was it made me the designated cleaner & huller of the strawberries.  It's because they're that good.  With sun on the horizon in the PacNW, or already in clear view in your neighborhood, kick it off right by making these Strawberry Margaritas.  And since the recipe uses a strawberry puree you'll be sure to know it will be earwig free.

Strawberry Margaritas (printable recipe)


This recipe is adapted from Rick Bayless website.

1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/8 cup unrefined sugar
1/3 cup water
1/2 cup strawberry puree
1/2 cup tequila
about 1/2 cup ice
coarse salt 

In a measuring cup, combine lime, sugar, and water.  Set aside.  In another measuring cup, measure out tequila & strawberry puree--mix.  Prepare two martini or margarita glasses by rubbing lime around the rim, then dip them in a dish of coarse salt. Pour limeade mixture & liquor mixture into a shaker, add ice & shake for 10-15 seconds.  Pour the margarita into prepared glasses.  Serves 2 large margaritas or 3 small.