Cinco de Mayo

I joke about Cinco de Mayo with Ben by saying, "my people" are celebrating today.  Now before I go any further, it's more making fun of me as I have 1/4 Mexican blood in me & would just as much pass for being Mexican as I would Lebanese.  So when people find out that this "white girl" is actually Mexican (with my great grandmother on the last train into the US before the borders closed)--they give me second looks & start asking questions.  Ben pokes fun of my grandiose pride, because he thinks it's a bit ridiculous how big I talk; yet, so little of the actual blood that runs through me (yeah so what).

However, in my defense, I grew up in a border town really understanding the culture, my grandfather lives in Mexico, my dad is bilingual (so I heard Spanish all the time--yet didn't really learn it), my adopted family are 100% Mexican (so that counts for me for something), my surname is Soto/Sotomayor (long story), I know what real Mexican food (at least in Sonora region) tastes like, and although I speak very little Spanish--I have the accent & understand the Spanish alphabet.  All of these count for something--right?

With Cinco de Mayo happening tomorrow, I thought I should direct you towards a couple Mexican dishes worthy of making to celebrate. Even though Cinco de Mayo isn't really that big in Mexico (Battle of Puebla against the French)--here in the U.S. it is, so now you have a reason to embrace Mexican culture.  So make some posole, machaca, or spanish rice.  And do yourself a favor by using corn tortilla with both, chopped up radishes, lime wedges, salt, shredded cabbage & fresh cilantro.  Really--for those of you who are flour tortilla lovers--pay homage on at least one day of the year to use the tortilla accordingly to the correct dish, while the relegating the flour tortilla for quesadillas, warmed with butter on top & rolled, or a bean burrito.

What is your tortilla of choice?  How do you use them?  And what are some of you most beloved Mexican dishes?