Paleo Day 3: Hazelnut Butter & Apple Slices

I made a Greek salad tonight for dinner (without that salty addition known as feta) with leftover pistachio crusted salmon, but the food I enjoyed the most was a small amount of hazelnut butter with a couple of apple slices.  No picture, just get some hazelnut butter & cut up some apples, not too difficult--right!

While we're on the topic of food (yes I have been dreaming about it lately)...I began thinking today, just prior to putting my girls to bed, how I would be watching Top Chef: Just Desserts tonight.  Sounds pretty horrible, considering everything they make on the show I cannot eat; however, what was worst for me was the reality that I couldn't even have a little chocolate while watching.  But really, what was worst for me was the reality of how often I associate food with good times.  I don't think that's always a bad thing, because I mean--didn't Jesus perform his first miracle at a feast making wine.  There is something to be said about a time of feasting, but what I realized is how often I add in "little feasts" everyday in my life.

When the girls go down for a nap I have the option of making an Americano or even a latte.  I'm going to a conference this weekend with two friends, which means no partaking in any sweet treats, or a mocha on the drive to Seattle.  My life (and most of ours) revolves around communing with food.  Then, what got me thinking about this whole Paleo lifestyle is all the cookbooks I own and recipes left untouched.  I began wondering, "Wow, what do I live for?"  So many moments in my life are about feasting, indulging or treating self, but what about restraint?  That's a harder one.  Granted, I'm in the thick of it and I just might feel different in two weeks (remind me of that when I get there, because I will see this to completion).  How do we use food to bring people together, to feast, to abstain & nourish?  How do you do it?

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