Avellinos 'Unplugged'

I'm having what I call, "Kamille time."  Kamille as in, "this is my name when I meet someone during Kamille time, not mama, mommy, wife--just Kamille please."  Being a mom without children in tow is wonderful (distance makes the heart grow fonder) as I watch the parents walk past the window at my favorite coffee shop, Avellino's, holding their children's hands.  Yes, that is part of me, but at this present moment, I get to be known as Kamille.

As an extrovert, I think it can be difficult saying I need my own space.  I mean, introverts can say, "I'm an introvert & need some alone time" and it flies.  While being an extrovert, I feel like there is an unfair expectation on us.  Like if I'm quiet, or just not wanting to be social, it must mean there's something wrong.  But, really, even us extroverts need our alone time.  Our "finding ourselves" amidst the constant cries, conversations, telephone calls--life's interruptions or simply happenings--is still needed among extroverts (I have read, especially ENFJ's--aha).  I would even argue that is equally important as it is for introverts.

It's kind of like unplugging life to be.  To appreciate the cloud strewn sky, the people salivating over the cream puffs in the case, or the ability to think without the pressure of a child waking early from a nap.

I think it's also hard to make time for Kamille time. There is that pull in finding time with your spouse, creating peace & tranquility within your home, giving your husband time away as well, and then working through any guilt you may have to give yourself time.  It's a demon sucking the very life out of you. 

But, I can attest that no one wants to be around the selfless servant who is sitting in a pity party.  And that's something I appreciate about Ben and our marriage.  We strive to give ourselves date nights, but even more...those Ben times & Kamille times.  Those unplugged from family times.  In order to strengthen ourselves, so we can come back feeling replenished and guided to steer again.