Simple Meals


In a world of busyness and whirlwinds, pressure and deadlines, cranky kids and meltdowns on the verge...we need something simple to say, "it's going to be alright," or, "here eat this, it will make you feel better." Sometimes it's telling ourselves to stop and eat this, because it will make us feel better.


And in the midst of many of my friends coming down with sickness left and right--simple is best. The meal of choice being applesauce, dry toast, chicken noodle soup and 7-Up. I'm blessed to merely be tired, but physically well. I'm blessed to know my children have cozy pajamas on while sleeping in a bed. I'm blessed to have more than enough food in my fridge, deep freezer & pantry to last us for two weeks (or more). And even though I don't have eggs (as I have two egg lovers in this household--yours truly), it's okay, because there are still so many other options left for us.


Options to use love through creativity (but not the type of meal showcased on the front page of chic foodie blog) in the kitchen. It's this creativity which allows us to reach deep within the recesses of our past, where our grandmothers or great-grandmothers made their bread from scratch, lived on what was available and worked with what they had. It's frugality at its finest and a heck of a lot hard work at its core.  It's things like eating a childhood favorite of cinnamon-sugar toast with cold milk.


So if your health is well, give thanks.  Maybe you could drop off some homemade (or canned) soup on a friend's doorstep.  Maybe its writing a card to that person who's been on your mind to let them know you think they're great.  It doesn't have to be big and in most cases it's the simple things which bring abundant joy.