Kindergarten Graduation (church edition)

Toward the end of August, our children's ministry applauds, whoops & honors these little people graduating up to first grade. They are adorned in baby blue gowns & larger than life caps, which cling like a bad birthday hat.

The team lead, affectionately known as Teacher Gretchen, spoke a word about the class as a whole & individually. They received a gift of a big kid Bible to which V asks me, "How come there are a lot of number ones in there?"

T. Gretchen said this of V, "V, you have a great imagination & are such creative." She has always been a bit larger than life. And I'm pretty sure her life mantra to this point (she just doesn't know it) is, "Go big or go home."

She is definitely not my little kinder anymore, but she'll always be my little girl.


And then she grew up... be able to go to kindergarten.

Long blonde hair & rather nervous about the first day without my mom, I timidly walked behind her entering Room 1. I had tenacity, but also a sense of reserve when approaching a new social situation. Then, I heard my name from across the way in the sweetest Southern Belle voice, "Ka-Milllle!"

It was the little girl I had met at ballet class. She had long blonde hair as well, similar slender build, but a fearlessness in approach. I loved her. She was my Anne & I her Diana, and all tension melted from my small frame.  

Tay & V ask, "Mama tell us about the little girl?"

"What little girl," I ask perplexed.

"Heather Cutchin...from when you were a little girl," Tay responds

I tell the story over and over hoping she will have very own Heather McCutchin, because isn't that what we want for our children?  To be a special friend to someone and that someone to them.  

Her first day went well and she remembered two new girls' names, along with a silly song about a cat whose shoes kept changing colors.  She'll do well, and Tay just might sneak her way in V's backpack to join the ride.


Epic Prayer

This is How to Pray for Dinner When You Live in Bellingham: "dear Jesus, thank you for the food..and...oh darn it, Jesus, could you make it sunny?"--V five years