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Welcome, I'm Kamille with a 'K' and I'm truly grateful you've come to my little slice of the internet.  My life is lived in the Pacific Northwest, where we get more cloudy days than not and vitamin D is found in a bottle.  One of my favorite places in all the world is the table.  I get to share mine on a regular basis with my husband Ben and three daughters, V, Tay, & Preesy.  

I believe life's beauty is often found in the gritty, messy places.  It's where God often reveals himself to me.  Be it while mourning and walking through the grief & death of my older brother, or wrestling being a mama.  If you walk away from Redeeming the Table with one thing, and one thing only, I would hope it would be for you to discover more of who you are, and how your story is needed.  

It is why I am most passionate about encouraging and helping others discover who they're created to be.  I find sharing life around the table essential for finding one's self.


I AM.... 

...a writer, a teacher/encourager and speaker.  I am an ENFJ, and a definite Myers-Briggs nerd (I welcome any questions or conversation about it--seriously email me).  

I am a cook, baker, but not a candlestick maker.   I create recipes, and help others who need inspiration, wisdom and/or simply how to cut an onion in the kitchen.  One of life's greatest joys is seeing women discover themselves through the art of sharing their story and learning to wield a chef's knife.  

If you are a little trepidatious in the kitchen, or in knowing how to extend hospitality; then, you have come to the right place.  I would love to help you navigate food (both taste & ethics) into something delicious for your family, friends & stranger.  I want to see you become confident in your own skin as you begin to believe your story is worth sharing.  I want you to see you are capable of extending hospitality, and sharing life around the table is not dependent upon cooking the food.


I'm a foodie, but not a snobby one. I love food stories, ones that are deeply spiritual and nourishing to my soul and ones exploding with tastes unearthed in the writing.  You'll find both here. Food is gift. 

I seek to bring people around the table through real food; but, mostly it's about loving others with food to nourish belly & soul. 

Food is life's great connector pulling out stories hidden & lively conversation. At the end of a hard day, I find solace in sitting around the table, eating a home cooked meal & sharing life with those I love. 

Above all, I see how a perfect garden was made to delight in from a good God, and the story is all redeemed around a feasting table. Redeeming the Table is bringing a slice of that feasting table to the here & now.


If you're new to RTT, then welcome.  You can read what Redeeming the Table is all about (my heart & mission).  

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