Day 5: How to Make Homemade Almond Milk


Truth be told, I still purchase cow's milk for my daughters (gasp I know).  I also on occasion drink it myself in the form of a latte, which honestly is quite rare as I prefer an Americano or regular coffee over many special drinks.  

A couple months back I was having some away time to write and noticed the coffee shop offered almond milk.  This isn't too surprising to find in a place like Bellingham with independent coffee shops, but it's also not the norm.  So, I took the barista up on the offer and bought a maple (almond milk) latte (yes real maple syrup).  Upon the first drink...bleh.  I'm a firm believer in giving food second & third chances.  Another drink...ugh, no dice.  It tasted like uncooked bacon or something.  Not the most appealing taste lingering on one's tongue.  

I would give that boxed almond milk another chance a couple other times; but, to no avail, the uncooked bacon taste.  It was then and there I would pick up the anchor and make some at home.  I was certain it was the additives in the milk that made it less than appealing.  Sure enough, my homemade almond milk was superb.  That already milky-like taste in almonds came through in the milk.  Steamed some up for lattes and it was no different.  Plus, super easy to make without utilizing a Vita-mix or Blendtec blender.  Use this in place of the milk to make your homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Homemade Almond Milk (printable recipe)

You can use a linen kitchen towel instead of cheesecloth, just not terry cloth.  You can also keep the almond pulp to use for future baking.  Simply spread on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 350.  Cool and store in fridge or freezer.  


1/2 cup raw almonds

3 cups water

2-3 Tb pure maple syrup (grade B)

1/4 tsp Celtic sea salt


  1. Soak almonds in a jar covered with purified water (using your Brita works fine) overnight or 8 hours.  
  2. Rinse your almonds, discarding the soaking water.
  3. Place almonds & 3 cups water into a blender.  If using a regular blender (non-Vita-mix or Blendtec), fold a kitchen towel and place on top of lid.  Puree or liquify the almonds & water until almonds have been thoroughly pulverized.  This can take about 45 seconds.  
  4. Take cheesecloth, folded, and line it in a sieve.  Put that cheesecloth lined sieve over a bowl and pour the almond mixture through.  The cheesecloth will catch the almond pulp.  
  5. Take the ends of the cheesecloth and wrap it up, in order to keep the almond pulp inside and squeeze the remaining milk out.  
  6. Add the maple syrup for taste to add a bit of sweetness.  Or if you are avoiding extra sugars, don't add it.  **You could use honey instead, or use a couple medjool dates while the almonds & water are being blended.**
  7. Store in the fridge for 3-5 days, or check for smell.  If it tastes sour, then it's time to throw it out.  

This is part of the Opening the Door to Autumn's Harvest Series

Fresh Pineapple with Lime Zest & Raw Honey (Easter Recipes)


Food hasn't tasted quite as good these past months, which is a bummer since I live by the mantra, "I live to eat!"  Truly, I love to eat.  I love food.  One of the reasons I love my gym is because I'm surrounded by my people (those that don't shy away from eating).  But, what does a pregnant woman do when eating fluctuates, taste buds diminish and then Lent pops up?  

Take comfort that this too shall pass and hope by the time Spring arrives, the taste bud glory will return.  I'm beginning to see this, especially after slicing the fresh pineapple with my oldest hovering for a taste.  The girls complain that I put the lime zest, but I assure them that honey drizzled over it will make it come alive.  Our lunch consisted of Roasted Mustard Cauliflower, deviled eggs & this naturally sweet delight.  We agreed the pineapple won the gold.  

I implore you to serve this for dessert; rather, than going through all that extra effort of calorie forming pastry.  

Here are some other Easter Menu Ideas:


This month's Jogo recipe contribution: Springy Kale-Quinoa Salad with Dried Cherries & Nuts 


Fresh Pineapple with Lime Zest & Raw Honey (printable recipe)


1 pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into quarter slices

zest of one lime

raw honey


Put sliced pineapple into a bowl and add the zest.  Mix around to disburse the lime zest.  Line the pineapple on a large serving platter.  Drizzle with raw honey.  Serve.


Being a Blessing & Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies


Whenever the summer fades and autumn begins, or winter days emerge, banana bread is comfort food.  Our week has been a winter wonderland. Monday the snow began to fall with Tuesday being knee deep for the littles, and today well below freezing.  

Any plans that we had hoped for have taken a turn for lounging in pajamas & lots of dress-up play.  One thing is banana bread chocolate chip cookies.  They speak of home.  Home as all things good, safe & wonderful.  I'm reminded how many children & adults do not know this reality of home.  Where cold, abandon & uncertainty loom at every corner.  

I looked out into the ice-bitten chill that sang of the White Witch last night.  My prayer, "Oh Jesus.  Have mercy on those children, those parents, those people who don't have a warm home.  Who don't have food in their belly.  For those mothers who bury their children.  Who am I?  Thank you for this warm home, food fit for a king.  Thank you that my girls don't know that reality."  

I paused to take in what this world of hopelessness looks like and it breaks me.  Why should I receive a blessing? Then, I read through my journal today from 8/6/11: 

Generosity--giving--one needs to be intentional with life.  With life, money, time & resources.  Managing a home should never just be about creating, saving and restoring for family; but, in order to bring life to those around us.

Our home is not just to create a safety around our children, to provide for their needs, or my needs.  It is that, but it is to be a blessing.  Just as God said at the beginning to Israel, "you are to be a blessing to the nations."  That is be a blessing.  Saying no to more stuff, in order to give more generously.  

This has huge implications with a greater bewilderment to follow of "how can I do it?"  Today, I paint our door frames with Jesus feeding the 5,000 against all odds.  I pray with my girls that we would be mindful of our blessings, in order to give that to others.  I bake cookies with my girls to give them a taste of the sweet mercy of Jesus, and how it's new every morning.  

I would love to hear how you find the blessings and how you give blessings.   

Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are way too good to last that long.  If your's do, then storing them covered will make them more soft and more banana bread like.  


3 cups blanched almond flour

1 tsp baking soda

3/4 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp ground Saigon cinnamon (regular is fine)

1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

2 very ripe bananas 

1/2 cup ghee

1/2 cup coconut sugar

2 eggs, room temperature

1/2 cup walnuts, chop them and makes about 2/3 cups

3/4 cup chocolate chips

1 Tb homemade bourbon vanilla or regular vanilla


Preheat oven to 350.  Line a pan with parchment paper.  Set aside.

In a bowl of an electric mixer, beat the bananas until nice & mushy, about 45 seconds on medium.  Add the ghee & coconut sugar and mix for 30 seconds on low-medium.  Add eggs and bourbon vanilla, mix just till combined.  Add the dry ingredients, almond flour, baking soda, sea salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and mix till everything comes together.  Add the walnuts & mix till evenly distributed and follow with the chocolate chips.  

Put about two tablespoons (I use a cookie scoop) onto the lined pan.  Sprinkle with vanilla salt.  Bake for 15-17 minutes, depending on how soft you want them.  Remembering that almond flour is more moist than regular flour.  Cool on the pan for 2 minutes and then transfer, serve & eat.