Redeeming the Table

sharing stories, hospitality & food with friend & stranger

Redeeming the table shares stories of faith & life around the table, while utilizing real food focusing on the Paleo diet and extending hospitality to welcome others to it.  Kamille Scellick is the voice behind Redeeming the Table, and she speaks candidly and openly of her own story, struggles, and triumphs in sharing the table.  She is a mom to three girls, one who has special needs.  She is the wife to Ben.  She loves Jesus.

Day 1: 31 Days of Oktoberfeast: all things food, eating, table


Food is one of my favorite nouns on planet earth. I love meals of simplicity & complexity. Ben laughs at me asking people, "If you we're on death row, what would be your last meal?"  

Really though, aside from the morbidity of said question, it's in a meal where we find so much of ourselves. We find basic needs being met, laughter & conversation, withholding via fasting, diet, starvation.  Food holds power. It is both blessing and curse.. 

These 31 days I aim at writing on all things food, be it cooking & preparing, eating, health perspectives to kids eating. There will be technical to poetry, so if you love food--then join me.  

PS: Ben thought of the name Oktoberfeast--he's pretty brilliant.

Day 2: Ode to Joe's Garden

Day 3: Delighting in Food

Day 4: Feasting on Food Stories

Day 5: How Starbucks Can Teach Us About Gatherings

Day 6: Oktoberfest or Oktoberfeast: On Beer

Day 7: Foods I Love

Day 8: The Ministry of Food

Day 9: Imagine there's No...

Day 10: Maybe the Table is the Church

Day 11 & 12: More on Menu Planning

Day 13: On Coffee

Day 14: Food Links

Day 15: My Top 10 Cookbooks (ones I actually own)

Day 16: Stress & Eating

Day 17 & 18: Who I Cook For

Day 19: My Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Day 20 & 21: Weekend Food & Love

Day 22: Storytelling at the Table

Day 23: Autumn & Dropping by Spur of the Moment

Day 24: I Want to Hear From You

Day 25: Homemade Almond Milk PSL & Dessert

Day 26: On Breastfeeding

Day 27: Breaking Bread

Day 28: Feasting Books

Day 29: Tare the Scale: Story of Mercy & Cookies

Day 30: Real Food and Health Magazine

Day 31: Closing on Peace

I'm joining in with a load of other bloggers in 31 days (#31days hashtag) over at The Nester.  Take a look at some of the other offerings for these 31 days.  

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Wife to Ben. Mama to three beautiful girls. I cook, bake & eat. Food, hospitality, & sharing our stories just might change the world. 

Wife to Ben. Mama to three beautiful girls. I cook, bake & eat. Food, hospitality, & sharing our stories just might change the world. 




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