On Crossfit, Eating & Being Pregnant: Part 1

I'm approximately 35/36 weeks pregnant here going on an easy hike with our friends in Winthrop, WA.

I'm approximately 35/36 weeks pregnant here going on an easy hike with our friends in Winthrop, WA.

Today marks my official due date, which also marks the very real prospect of going past due for the first time ever in all my pregnancies.  And how do I feel about that?

Honestly, I feel at peace with it.  I'm not conflicted with impatience, even though we are all eager to see when labor will kick in to meet this little one; rather, I view each day without a third child as a day I'm given to lavish in being a mama to the two cuties I have grown to love.  I know this baby is going to come.  I will not have the gestation of an elephant.  I would prefer the baby not stay in too late, in order to avoid pitocin inducement.  I know that there are so many things I could worry about, but I will not allow those thoughts to take away these moments right now of what I do know.

And so I get the common questions or remarks at 40 weeks pregnant.  "You look like you could be pregnant for a long time!"   This is meant as a compliment, I think.  Really it's because there isn't this grimacing, ogre look on my face as I walk hunchback with a snaggletooth.  

I get why women are uncomfortable in the latter part of the third trimester.  I get that some women have body structure's that aren't as accommodating for pregnancy as others.  My take is that my body has always enjoyed pregnancy.  And, honestly, I think being pregnant is one of the few times in life where having this big protruding belly is the most gorgeous of sights.  

This third round of pregnancy has been even easier on my body, due to my consistent physical involvement and eating habits, which is really phenomenal considering I'm 33 years old (four & six years older this go) this time around.  At 25 weeks pregnant I posted pictures of what I was doing at Jogo Crossfit, and tagged it on Facebook.  I mentioned in the tag post, "pregnancy isn't a sign of illness."  As a current pregnant mama, I wanted to take these last couple days or hours while baby is still inside to share my encouragement & thoughts on misconceptions of pregnancy health & fitness in the next day or two.  

What questions do you have about exercise, specifically crossfit, eating well (I lean towards Paleo) and being pregnant?  If I don't go into labor in the next day or so, I will answer them in the next post.